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Testosterone Decreases
After Ingestion of Sugar

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High Glycemic Foods & Beverages are Related to
Low Testosterone Levels

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No company, other than
Boresha International,
may use
Dr. Ann de Wees Allen's
name on any L-Arginine product.

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The term Edible Computer Chip® has recently gained popularity in the Nutraceutical and Pharmaceutical fields.

Though Edible Computer Chips® sound like they may describe a futuristic robotic-chip that programs the human body to follow specific commands, that is not the case.

Edible Computer Chip® are not synthetic, nor do they contain any non-food grade or unsafe ingredients. They are manufactured and produced from non-GMO ingredients, organic fruit and FDA acceptable food and beverage ingredients. Click Here

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What is ArgMatrix® What is ArgMatrix®
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Research NITRIC OXIDE and its Relation to:
Insulin Resistance, Metabolic Syndrome,
C-Reactive Protein, Cardiovascular Risk
NO for MEN
Understanding Nitric Oxide Physiology in the Heart: A Nanomedical Approach
NO for Health References
Steroid Screening Official Laboratory
Analytical Documents
Blind Amino
Acid ® Rider
All forms of L-Arginine require a Blind Amino Acid Rider ® in order to render arginine safe for use in humans.
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Edible Computer Chip® Edible Computer Chip®
Herpes Simplex Virus Lysine, L-Arginine & Herpes Simplex Virus
Women's Issues
High Glycemic and High Cephalic Foods & Beverages Increase Risk of Breast Cancer in Women

High Insulin Levels Increase Breast Cancer Risk Click Here

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